About Us


Jan, Sue, Jill, Lisa and Cecilia having fun at a planning meeting.

Jan, Sue, Jill, Lisa and Cecilia having fun at a planning meeting.

The Berthoud Run / Walk Club is a not for profit organization, with board members and participants from the Berthoud Area. Our goal is promote fitness in our families and community.

During warmer months, we meet once mid week and once on the weekend;  we average distances of 2-4 miles. Email us if you would like to be included on our email updates or check out our website: www.berthoudrunwalk.org
Email: berthoudrunwalk@yahoo.com

Board Members:

Cecilia Jamieson, President.  email:   jdoylee@aol.com

Kristina Leonard Vice President.  email:    k3runner@aol.com

Jan Brucklacher, Secretary.  email:  janhb@pobox.com

Tiffany Rafferty, 5 km coordinator.  email:   cubuffraff@juno.com

Sue Selland, Volunteer coordinator.  email:  terryselland@yahoo.com

Jill Strait, Marketing.  email:  jillstrait@qwest.net

Joy Fitzgerald, Marketing.  email:  joy.fitzgerald@brocade.com

Email any of us for questions or comments.   GET MOVING:)


Berthoud Run/ Walk Club Ladies

We walk, we run

Jog, and have heart-pumping fun

In the rain, snow, ice or sun

Simultaneously achieving goals by the ton


The team we are on is hardly boring

It is one that keeps the hearts soaring,

With ideas that are delightful and diverse

Conservation that is stimulating

And sometimes a little perverse


We’re not a committee that is dreaded

In fact we’re one that is headed

For something bigger and better.

Nothing can stop us, not even the weather

Because we are as tough as deerskin leather


We’re not overrated; it can’t be overstated;

Our team is fantastic

Everyone’s real- not at all plastic

If it needs to happen, no matter how drastic

Members are flexible, just like elastic


Jill, Joy, Jan, Lisa, and Tiff to name a few,

If it weren’t for the crew

What would the club do?


Who wears Pink Boas?

Classy ladies or Risqué ladies- take your pick!

Just don’t wear it on your butts- that’s kinda sick

Take these boas and keep in mind

Of the hard work and good times you’ll find

When you hang with a group that includes no fool

Just great group of women that are Oh So Cool